Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ordering Information

     Plans for the Atlantic 17, which include full size frame patterns and complete building instructions, are available for $60.00 per set plus 8.00 Shipping and Handling. Plans may be ordered at:

Jon Persson Designs
127 Hempstead St.
Apt. 911
New London, Ct.

     Questions may be addressed to Jon at:

Young Rowers Prepare For A First-Time Rowing Experience

     Please note:
     The purchase of one set of plans for the Atlantic 17 entitles the purchaser to build one boat of this design. Where additional or multiple boats are to be built, the following fee schedule will apply:
     I) For clubs (especially rowing clubs, or clubs which advocate for healthy and ecologically sensible outdoor activities); schools, since schools attract young people and young people need things to do that do not include keypads and screens; and non-profit organizations, which exist to do good things and so should be encouraged to do good things; there is no additional fee for building additional boats.
     II) For individuals who purchase a set of plans, and then realize the Atlantic 17  is such a good boat that they must build another, or whose friends or family become jealous and must be supplicated with a boat of their own, a fee of $15.00 per additional boat is expected. This is reasonable weighed against the alternative of telling friends and family to purchase their own set of plans if they want a boat.
     III) Finally, for the commercial builder, whose trade is to build the small boats that will satisfy the demands of the vast and vibrant marketplace for sensible rowing craft: as the Atlantic 17, a proven design with broad appeal, will bring much attention and activity to the builder in way of profitable orders, a fair fee of $30.00 per additional boat is requested.

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