Saturday, January 28, 2012

Atlantic 17: The Homepage

Rowing on open water is the rare and cleansing pursuit: health, adventure, deep thought, and endless renewal ride the grips of oars that move enlightened hulls with kinetic human energy.          

With more than a decade of successful, satisfactory service, the Atlantic 17 is a proven design that has fulfilled its original purpose: a versatile open water rowing boat suitable for novice and experienced rower alike.

 Atlantic 17 owned by Salvy Raciti (photo courtesy of Salvy Raciti)

      This site is dedicated to the support and advocacy of the Atlantic 17 design. Information on building, acquiring, owning, and using the Atlantic 17 is to be included, along with the photos, stories, and experiences of Atlantic 17 owners. Specific articles are listed along the right-side margin, and links to related articles, along with blogspots of interest, may be found at the top of the page.

     On the postings immediately following this page are details on the construction methods used in the Atlantic 17, and information regarding the availability of Plans. Further along are photographs of various examples of this design, and articles offering even more detailed information about these well-tested boats.


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