Friday, November 18, 2011

The Atlantic 17 Dory

     The Atlantic 17 was designed and developed as a seaworthy, easy to use, moderately priced and moderately easy to build, open water rowing boat, set up for one or two novice or experienced rowers. Its main purpose was to provide an entry-level boat for open water rowing, that would be rewarding enough to row for the longtime rower. After more than ten years of real world experience, the Atlantic 17 has proven to be exactly what was intended; safe, seaworthy, easy to row, light on the oars, a maneuverable boat that tracks well in a breeze. 

     Built of plywood planking on plywood frames and solid wood chine battens, screwed and bonded with epoxy, sheathed with epoxy/fiberglass, the Atlantic 17 is a reasonably lightweight yet durable boat. A unique, built in set of seatrisers allows for the crews weight to be fine tuned and adjusted for trim.

     Basic dimensions for the Atlantic 17 are: length, 17 ft., beam 48 inches, depth of hull 15 inches, weight, 100 pounds  plus or minus (depending on choice of plywood). 

     This blog is dedicated to the Atlantic 17, and is open to questions, comments, suggestions, and stories regarding the Atlantic 17. At this time complete building plans are available; for ordering information, contact me at:

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